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Community Profile: Lori Beazer

About Lori Beazer

I am Lori Beazer, founder and market manager of the Afro Caribbean Farmers' Market, Canada's first culturally specific farmers' market in the Little Jamaica neighbourhood in Toronto's west end. This project has come to mean so much to so many, by bringing life and animation to an area that has been devastated by the decade long Metrolinx subway expansion. The Afro Caribbean Farmers' Market's primary focus is to provide a selling platform for our local black farmers and black food entrepreneurs, at the same time developing and shaping its new role in being the nucleus of the NEW Little Jamaica and leading the way in this new black renaissance!

The goal is keep the integrity of this space intact, with the market serving as a constant reminder that we are still here; as the surrounding space(s) change over time. We will remain the beacon, the light!

About The Afro Caribbean Farmers' Market

The Afro Caribbean Farmers' Market is a safe space for black food entrepreneurs to exist without having to continuously prove their brand and tirelessly explain their brand's culturally relevant use(s) and ingredients. This new black food space also provides a level playing field for brand awareness. The market is really trying to meet the community where it is. We know that the middle class in our community shop with us, and we know that low income community and fixed income community members visit us too. The market understands its low income eaters' dilemma and has created the Callaloo Cash voucher, a $3 denomination voucher that can be used alone or coupled with legal tender. The holder can now purchase what they want and shop with dignity.

Our market looks for organizations that want to purchase these vouchers for members in their circles that require assistance.

New Updates!

The Afro Caribbean Farmers' Market has just landed a partnership with The University of Toronto and the Toronto District School Board to help lead a project in Little Jamaica! More details coming soon....

Check out The Afro Caribbean Farmers' Market here.


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