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Community Profile: Dr. Kweku Baffour

About Dr. Kweku Baffour

My name is Kweku Andoh Baffour and I am a pan Africanist born in Ghana and blessed to have travelled extensively around the world. Having seen many corners of the planet, I still maintain that Africa is the most beautiful continent.

I have worked in different senior management positions with corporate Ghana and after some serious introspection, I departed that path and began working for myself in 2010.

Since 2015 I have volunteered as the Communications Director of Food Sovereignty Ghana, a civil society organization advocating against the inclusion of Genetically Modified Organisms in Ghana's agriculture. I have also served the Vegetarian Association of Ghana as public relations officer for over a decade and I am currently the Advocacy Director.

I am passionate about the environment and the preservation of African culture and history which is a global asset to humanity. I love food, music and art. African food is a whole universe and mostly unknown around the world. Unfortunately some of the most nutritious meals are still secrets in pockets of communities scattered all over the continent. With the real threat of destructive human activities on the environment, the world stands to lose a great deal of biodiversity much of which nourishes the planet. Food Sovereignty is therefore harder to achieve as the very diversity of nutritious sources is diminished as more commercially viable options are promoted.

The older one gets the more one appreciates the value of nutritious food and I think more effort must be put into preparing the next generation of Africans to recognize, respect, grow and enjoy their indigenous foods. The politics around the distribution of food is a sad reality for many disadvantaged people's but it is a reality that must change.

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