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Community Profile: Joe Thomas

About Joe G. Thomas

Joe G. Thomas has been actively living a plant-based lifestyle for over forty-three years. He is the author of the book: Let Food Be Your Medicine Today-Live Healthy and Strong on Plant-Based Whole Foods.

He is also the founder of Black Vegans of Toronto and the owner/manager of Atiba Farm in Alliston, Ontario, where he and a dedicated team organically cultivate a wide selection of herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Author, founder of Black Vegans of Toronto and the owner/manager of Atiba Farm in Alliston

He holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University's T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and is a tireless advocate of a plant-based lifestyle. He has devoted the rest of his life to efforts to improve the health of members of the African-Canadian community in Ontario, Canada.

About Black Vegans of Toronto

Our group, Black Vegans of Toronto, is committed to improving the health of black people in Toronto and surrounding areas. We believe that a significant pathway to optimum health for black people is to achieve tangible levels of food sovereignty. For us, this means having control over growing food that connects us culturally and ensuring that this food is affordable and consistently available to all, regardless of where they live or their socioeconomic status. Our Atiba farm project is a critical part of our work towards black food sovereignty.

Check out Black Vegans of Toronto here.

Check out Atiba Farm here.


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