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Community Profile: Sheldomar Elliott

About Sheldomar Elliott

My name is Sheldomar Elliott, and I was born and raised in the City of Toronto my entire life, currently residing in the west end. I’m an urban farmer at one of Foodshare’s school grown farms and have been involved with food justice and Black food sovereignty work now since 2017 where my friend, Hansel Igbavboa, and I began researching the importance of Black farmers in the GTA and the barriers they face in serving their community. From then on, I began to join more spaces of other like-minded folks doing similar work - which saw me become the co-chair for the Toronto Youth Food Policy council, and eventually, join the Black Food Sovereignty Toronto steering committee.

Growing up, food was always something that connected me to my ancestry, time, and others whether that be family, friends, or strangers. Despite not having the luxuries that many did, food was an integral part of my household and laid the foundation for my passion for it now. I view food as a vehicle for change, that brings everybody to table where meaningful discussion and change can come about and be enacted on. Championing food sovereignty is especially important for the freedom and liberation of Black, Indigenous, and other racialized communities in a system that works perfectly to disconnect and disrupt our connection to food as a source of healing and community.

I see growing your own food and engaging in a community-centered food system as one of the most revolutionary things that one can do in order to stand against the current, corporate food system that reinforces anti-Black racism and contributes to the destruction of our climate. By challenging stigmas associated with earth work, I think having youth involved is incredibly powerful as we are collectively trying to build a better future not only for ourselves but for generations to come. I’m excited for what the future holds for the Black Food Sovereignty work in the City of Toronto while simultaneously advocating for policies that champion livable wages, access to growing space, and affordable, nutritious, culturally appropriate food as a right so that we can all live dignified and joyful lives.

Check out TYFPC here.

Check out FoodShare here.


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